Testing Services

  • ERP Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • IOT Testing
  • Digital Testing
  • DWBI Testing
  • Cloud Testing

ERP Testing Services

Our ERP testing practice offers a full suite of integrated ERP testing services across the lifecycle of ERP projects – Implementation, Upgrade, Rollout, Production Support, and Maintenance. Our comprehensive testing strategy, domain expertise, and extensive experience in delivering ERP testing projects for global clients enable us to make your ERP adoption highly effective with better quality. Our ERP Test Accelerator kit ensures rapid results by reducing the overall testing time, cost, and risk.

Mobile Testing Services

We provide deep experience in cross-browser testing for mobile applications for both functional and non-functional (Manual & Automated) testing of mobile applications. Our Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) constitutes of 500+ mobile testing professionals. While our mobile app testers are certified in various commercial & open-source mobile testing tools, our test architects & engineers have 6+ years of experience in mobile testing for various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Travel, Retail, and more, leveraging industry leading mobile testing tools & best practices. Our Mobile test offerings include:


  • Mobile Test Advisory Services
  • Mobile Test Tool Feasibility
  • Mobile Test Automation Framework Development
  • Interruption, Memory, Accessories, Performance, User Interface, Compatibility, Network Type, Installation, Upgrade, Drive, Battery, Geo-Fence, Performance, Security, Functional, Carrier, & Cross-Browser Testing.
  • Our mobile testing frameworks & utilities help enterprises and ISVs achieve faster ROI and accelerated time-to-market.

IOT Testing Services

Our experience in IoT app Testing as a Service (TaaS), a team of IoT-skilled testers, and a robust IoT testing infrastructure (labs, simulators, test racks, etc.,) support real-time testing of Big Data, Compatibility, IoT Security, Performance, Pilot, Regulatory, Reliability, Upgrade, Usability, and smart devices in a dynamic environment (RFID, Sensors).


Our IoT-skilled testers are experienced in using multiple IoT network protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Thread, Wi-Fi, Cellular, NFC, SIGFOX, Neul, LoRaWAN, and more. Enterprises utilize our skills to overcome their IoT testing challenges and move ahead successfully in their digital transformation journey with the following services:


  • Identification of various domains based on different conformance standards
  • Setup of infrastructure, network, & systems
  • Templatization of use cases – according to vertical requirements
  • Robust test automation frameworks & test case libraries
  • Setting up an infrastructure of network and systems
  • Verification of domains based on different conformance standards. Templatization of use cases – based on real time streaming of data from devices/sensors
  • Testing in real time using virtualization (for example, in an intelligent parking management system) & simulation of various devices, vehicles etc. that help testing smart things in a dynamic environment (RFIDS, Sensors, and Devices)

Digital Testing Services

Our Digital testing solutions address the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation, while keeping agility and customer centricity at the core of our services. We conduct comprehensive testing across your digital value chain encompassing digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics, as well as the entire digital ecosystem including cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.


Our digital testing services for digital transformation solutions include:


  • Thorough validation of user experience
  • A tool & technology-agnostic framework
  • Test lets for effective and efficient testing
  • Cost-effective solution leveraging cloud
  • Cross-browser/platform frameworks
  • Responsive web design kit and reusable libraries
  • Testing of site integrity & end-user experience
  • Validation of security threats and vulnerabilities

DWBI Testing Services

BI/data warehouse testing involves the creation, execution, and maintenance of tests that automatically verify data quality across all BI/DW stages (including the reporting layer). Data integrity can be compromised when data is created, integrated, moved, or transformed.  BI/data warehouse testing is designed to prevent data integrity issues by exposing the problem early and automatically. Benefits include:


  • Identify data acquisition (ETL) errors
  • Reduce test creation and maintenance time
  • Expose defects earlier—when they’re faster and easier to resolve
  • Improve data quality
  • Eliminate delays from manual testing
  • Comply with regulatory requirements (e.g., BCBS 239, Basel III, SOX, etc.)
  • Reduce the “testing burden” on business users

Cloud Testing Services

Our Testing Platform as a Service (TPaaS) is a flexible subscription model that includes bundled hardware and HPE Quality Management tool licenses. Our testing experts provide in-house testing training and improve governance processes.

Available on-demand using our own secure cloud, you can achieve even greater business agility, greener IT through a single, integrated user experience than other testing models. Benefits include:


  • Eliminate up-front investment in hardware procurement, management, and maintenance, as well as software licensing and support costs
  • Reduce business risk and deliver better quality applications faster by using HPE’s leading Quality Management solutions
  • Standardize testing practices by using proven testing frameworks, templates, and best practices
  • Increase efficiency and team collaboration through internet-based access and interoperability
  • Ensure data integrity and ‘anytime, anywhere’ accessibility through enterprise-class secure, available, 24×7 operations
  • Access testing experts to help advance in-house testing expertise and governance processes