Increased diversity in games, gaming platforms, and gamers worldwide have made game development a very lucrative, and a very competitive field.

Professional QA game testers & betting testersplay a key role in the success of the gaming enterprises in this fiercely competitive gaming ecosystem. With thousands of AI-based smart games being released continuously across platforms, enjoying a flawless customer experience is the ultimate criterion for retaining gamers.We ensure that ISVs &gaming developers successfully achieve this goal.

Common challenges faced by console manufacturers & game developers:


  • Structured approach for game testing
  • User role-based testing
  • Test on multiple handsets and platforms
  • Network connectivity, latency, frame rate
  • RAM usage and consumption
  • Graphical user interface
  • Betting
  • Event selection &odds compiling
  • Odds changes &blocking of events
  • Monitoring &managing risks
  • Live betting &transaction integrity
  • Betting transactions &responsible gaming

Game Testers Help Gain Edge Over Competition

Our game testers have an in-depth experience in the end-to-end gaming eco-system across platforms including desktop, console, mobile devices, tablets, phablets, & cloud gaming. Our game testers create detailed testing strategies, meticulously incorporating industry gaming standards, for example, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), into our test strategy and processes.



  • Team of 50+ experienced game testers
  • A mobile test lab with 600+ devices supporting various OS versions
  • Well-defined & structured test methodologies, best practices, &accelerators for game testing
  • Dedicated game testing lab to recreate all possible real-time scenarios with requisite tools
  • Availability of game testing checklists for various OS types (iOS, Android)
  • Structured checklists for pre-platform certification for iOS & Android
  • Statistical models & analytical tools to arrive at optimum combination of OS compatibility

Game & Betting Testing Center of Excellence

Customer loyalty purely depends on game reliability, and we offer comprehensive in-house game and betting testing in a secure, dedicated onshore & near-shore facilities.


Our Game & Betting Testing CoE consists of a team of game testers who are SMEs with relevant experience in areas covering multiple gaming platforms, key areas for sports betting testing, and in performing game-specific tests. Working with our computer games testers, you gain access to our mobile device testing lab having 600+ devices, our in-house next generation testing platform BlueSwan, and a plethora of open source and 3rd-party game testing tools.

Some gaming-specific tests we use


  • Game play/Functional testing
  • In-app purchase testing
  • Role-based testing
  • Install/upgrade/uninstall testing
  • User Interface testing
  • Usability testing
  • Interrupt testing
  • Game Center testing (iOS platform only)
  • Multiplayer testing
  • Globalization testing
  • Social-integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • Memory testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Platform pre-certification
  • Load testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Multi-platform testing
  • Online and network testing