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Business Intelligence & Application

Business Intelligence & Application

BI tools range from software which enables query, reporting and analysis (OLAP) of data; over progress tracking by evaluating actual numbers with target numbers through scorecards; to displaying a multitude of complex information in an integrated, but easy to understand visually rich manner through dashboards enabling executive information insight at a glance.


We have in-depth experience and certified consultants for each of the industry-leading BI software suites, such as IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Business Intelligence and Qlik.

Our Range of Services

  • Business Intelligence implementation

    Setting up your BI environment in the most effective way, ranging from the initial architectural setup, through a state-of-the-art business metadata layer definition, a flexible security setup, and finally the right reports, analyses, dashboards and scorecards.

  • Business Intelligence assessment

    There may be many potential causes for non-functioning BI system like inappropriate tooling for a certain public, security issues, performance drains, incorrect setup of the metadata layers, inefficiently created reports. By executing a BI assessment on your environment, based on an exhaustive checklist, all relevant causes can be detected and actioned for improvements.

  • Business Intelligence training

    At UpstreamGlobal Services, we master a wide range of different BI technologies, for which we can provide on-site trainings and workshops, ranging from overview sessions providing a helicopter view on the full scale of BI related tools offered by one particular vendor, to in-depth training on certain specific BI-modules.

  • Business Intelligence tool selection

    We provide “Elementary” for BI software selection. This is a unique approach towards choosing the appropriate BI tools for your organization. It starts off by interviewing the key users and understanding their requirements and their corresponding priorities – not from an information point of view but more from a BI capabilities’ perspective. Previous experiences with these kinds of tools are also taken into account here. Based on these requirements, combined with research from leading third-party industry analysts, a list of BI vendors and their tools can be established, based on some selection criteria like a Gartner Magic Quadrant or also including smaller players like Qlikview, Pentaho, Infor etc. Hereafter, each vendor will be invited to give a detailed demonstration about their products. A proof of concept might complete the evaluation. Throughout the entire process, a detailed evaluation matrix is used for scoring the different tools, from different angles. Finally, a well-structured deliverable is established presenting all vendors, a description of their products, major strengths & weaknesses, their future strategy, and a final recommendation.