Cyber Security


LMNTRIX detects threats that routinely bypass any/all pre-existing controls in a matter of 30-days, with full money-back if it ever fails to do so!!! LMNTRIX Platform converges 20+ point techs, saving costs by 5 thru 18 times with Unlimited 24x7x365 Incident Remediations, Forrensic Investigation, Threat Hunting too; during the subscription period!!! This makes “US Military” & kind of many Govt orgs, and “All Size All Verticals” 400+ organizations to retain LMNTRIX YoY.


Such detected threats, leave all pre-existing security vendors embarassed. There are “ZERO False Positives”. On an average, there are 8 to 9 per month per organization regardless of their security maturity.


On the other hand; LMNTRIX itself has never been bypassed, since it came into business in 2015.


All ATPs, Adversaries are simulated per MITRE ATT&CK framework.


Subsequent Validation, Investigation, Containment, Remediation is done via Annual Subscription services.


LMNTRIX with its own stack, does it acorss IT, OT, SCADA, Mobiles, Containers, Multi-clouds, Applications, Humans, Identities, MTDs, BOTs, Network, Data etc..


The approach assumes the worst hostile environment,  “Existing Controls will let threats through, leaving NO TRACES in Logs!!!”


(Other vendors fail, because they use logs from same controls that earlier let 🤗 the threats through!!!) 


*Evidence of one of the Differentiators:

Even today, many of the detected threats are not even identified as “threats per sé” – by many noisy Security Vendors listed against those threats!!!! (as can be verified via a public sourced “VirusTotal” Website).


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