At Upstream, we understand the complex issues and regulatory environment faced by organizations in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Environmental research business.

Our contingent workforce staffing expertise includes highly skilled R&D Scientists, Chemists, Biologists, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs Specialists and Lab Technicians who are ready to step in to augment your current team and accelerate the completion of your mission critical projects.

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Biotechnology . . . Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals, Gene Therapy, Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Testing

Medical Devices . . . Biomedical, In vitro - Medical/Surgical Instruments, Durable Medical Equipment, Implants, Diagnostic Equipment, Electronic Medical Records

Pharmaceuticals . . . Research & Development and Manufacturing

Food, Beverage & Cosmetics . . . Production, Manufacturing, QA/Testing

·      Environmental/Industrial Labs . . . Consumer Product Testing, Soil, Water, Atmosphere, Industrial Materials

    • Scientists: Biologist, Microbiologist, Earth

    • Chemists: Analytical, Biochemist, Inorganic, Organic

    • Engineers: Bioprocess Engineer, Chemical, Mechanical, Materials

    • Clinical Research (Management, Associates)

    • Regulatory Affairs (GMP/GLP)

    • Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Labeling

    • Quality Assurance

    • Lab Technicians

  • UpStream Global Services provides scalable resources: From one consultant to an entire team, UpStream can scale the delivery of expert resources on an “on-demand” basis according to the anticipated project scope, prescribed completion timeframes and the complexity of tasks at-hand. 


  • Expertise is guaranteed: Backed by “best in class” recruiting and employee evaluation practices, we ensure that each Consultant has the requisite set of skills, hands-on experience, and that they are enthusiastic and committed. 


  • Our reach is global: UpStream has the technical resources, geographical reach and the ability to scale rapidly to meet your project needs in North America and around the world. 

Services - Solutions

  Network - Telecom
  Energy - Utilities
  Internet, eCommerce, Digital
  Technology Product Development


September 19, 2012
Clinical Business EXPO
Boston, MA

September 21, 2012
Society of Clinical Research Associates
21st Annual Conference

Las Vegas, NV

October 26, 2012
2012 RAPS - The Regulatory Convergence
Seattle, WA

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